Alright my darlings,

SavvyStudios.net is up and running, so I will bid my goodbyes to this site.

We all have to grow up sometime.

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Ah to begin anew...

Don't worry my lovies, I haven't forgotten about you!

Although it has been some time since my last posting, and the site has yet to become what I had hoped for, but I have not lost faith.
A new site is coming!

I have the new site purchased, I'm simply working on getting it designed and up and running.

So give me some time, and soon I'll have all things new and beautiful on:


Thank you for your continued support!



Down Yonder

In this day and age, where portable entertainment is abundant, and the great outdoors are best experienced in HD, we find ourselves transfixed to so many little boxes.  These little boxes are convenient and fun, just teeming with information, all at your fingertips.  But when did experiencing nature and life through television, movies, or on the internet replace the sights and sounds of the real thing?  This place for instance, is found off the southern coast of Georgia, and is one of the single most magical places I have ever seen.  Cumberland Island was only the beginning.  I make the time each week to get outside and see and feel the world around me, and let me tell you guys, NatGeo and Discovery ain't got nothin on this.


A Change of Heart

The Spring semester is over and done.  All the tired little students are through shaking in their boots (myself included), and done with the late night madness.  With that being said, it's now time for me to buckle down and get this blog rockin!  The past few weeks have been insane, and I pretty much abandoned the site to focus on dem grades, and fortunately it paid off.  So here we go!
Now I know this blog is focused on my photography, but thanks to an awesome prof I decided to give painting a whirl.  I have never really explored painting.  I have never been especially talented at drawing, or for that matter painting.  But there is always room for change...
This past semester I was lucky enough to nab a spot in Joe Remillard's painting 1 class, and lemme tell ya, I think I might just love this.  Joe was very understanding of my lack of drawing talent, and really helped me to see what I needed to see to improve my skill.  I am so grateful for his understanding and pure epicicity.
Above are the four paintings I finished in and out of his class.
From top to bottom we have; "Still Life with Waldo", "I am Jack's Grey Matter", "Who's Afraid of the Cookie Monster", and "ISO200 "the Painting".  I am especially proud of all these bad boys, and that begs the question...  What's so wrong with a double major?

Ps - For the curious viewer, Waldo is indeed included in each and every one of these works.   Can you find him? ;-)


White Sands, New Mexico

I absolutely love to travel, as I'm sure most people do.  I haven't been very many places just yet, but you can bet my camera is always by my side.  This image for instance was taken with a Canon Rebel 35mm camera.  I do so love to work with film, but in this day and age, digital seems the way to go.  I have always found that when shooting with film, I end up taking my time, and lining up my shot just right, so as not to end up with just a halfway decent image.  When I shoot with a digital camera, usually I end up shooting a lot more, but with less consideration for composition.  Needless to say, it is quite easy to edit digital photos with a variety of programs, and the same goes for film.  Any place that does print development is capable of converting your negatives into digital media and handing you a cd instead of a folio of prints.  So with that in mind, the only difference I find between shooting with film and digital (other than cost) is composition.


This is not a rave scene

For the past two years, Adam and I have attended the annual Santa Con in Midtown. It is a wonderful opportunity for a mob of people dressed as Santa to run around Little 5 giving out gifts and candy and spread some Christmas cheer. This is accompanied by our own little version of carols, and the much anticipated "santa dance".
It is easy to meet some very interesting people at Santa Con. One of which is shown above. This young lady busted out her lighted hula hoop in the middle of a crowded bar and just went to town. Now, in a dark and smoky place it was quite a sight to behold, but with a slowed exposure speed and no flash, it was magical.


Oh snap!

There is nothing I love more than shooting randomly with reckless abandon and coming out with some damn fine shots. I am quite a big fan of candid photography, as that is mostly what I shoot. Nothing is more satisfying than getting a great shot almost by accident.
Case in point; my cousin here came to visit me in Atlanta with my mom. We are all originally from a really small town in Texas, so it was pretty cool to play tour guide while they were here. Most of our traveling was done on MARTA, the only real public transportation in the area. My cousin was just looking around, watching through the window as everything passed us by when I took this shot, and needless to say, I'm pretty darn proud of it. It was a great (if not hectic) visit from them, and we had a pretty awesome time.
As you can see, this is not a perfect picture. But dammed if I don't really like it.