Oh snap!

There is nothing I love more than shooting randomly with reckless abandon and coming out with some damn fine shots. I am quite a big fan of candid photography, as that is mostly what I shoot. Nothing is more satisfying than getting a great shot almost by accident.
Case in point; my cousin here came to visit me in Atlanta with my mom. We are all originally from a really small town in Texas, so it was pretty cool to play tour guide while they were here. Most of our traveling was done on MARTA, the only real public transportation in the area. My cousin was just looking around, watching through the window as everything passed us by when I took this shot, and needless to say, I'm pretty darn proud of it. It was a great (if not hectic) visit from them, and we had a pretty awesome time.
As you can see, this is not a perfect picture. But dammed if I don't really like it.


And it burns burns burns...

As most of my fellow students very well know, now is the time when professors decide to cash in all kinds of insane demands. In other words, TONS of homework.
That being said, I didn't want to go without a post, but am afraid I really need to get back to Art History, so Imma keep dis reeel short.
Thanks to all you loyal followers and your support is so very much appreciated.