White Sands, New Mexico

I absolutely love to travel, as I'm sure most people do.  I haven't been very many places just yet, but you can bet my camera is always by my side.  This image for instance was taken with a Canon Rebel 35mm camera.  I do so love to work with film, but in this day and age, digital seems the way to go.  I have always found that when shooting with film, I end up taking my time, and lining up my shot just right, so as not to end up with just a halfway decent image.  When I shoot with a digital camera, usually I end up shooting a lot more, but with less consideration for composition.  Needless to say, it is quite easy to edit digital photos with a variety of programs, and the same goes for film.  Any place that does print development is capable of converting your negatives into digital media and handing you a cd instead of a folio of prints.  So with that in mind, the only difference I find between shooting with film and digital (other than cost) is composition.