This is it

Right here. Right now. In this very moment, I knew what my life would mean. A quick snap changed everything. I had goals and ambitions. That one little click of the lens changed it all.
Above you will find a photo of my brother, Derek. This shot is the one that changed my life, so I only find it fitting to open my new blog with the one that started it all. I had been an international affairs major a few years ago. I was hell-bent on running away to Africa after graduation to save all those starving children. Right. That's when my brother asked me to shoot his senior pictures since I was the only one who had a digital camera and he couldn't really afford the professionals. So we made our way out to an abandoned farm in the country and shot away. We came out with some amazing works but this is by far my favorite. Mostly because of the sense of pride it instilled in me. I feel like...no... I know this is what I'm going to do with my life. It may seem hokey to some, but this is the one that started it all. Now 5 awards and many publications later, I'm here to stay.
Welcome to my work.


  1. To watch you work is amazing, to see the final result is sometimes breathtaking....