This is not a rave scene

For the past two years, Adam and I have attended the annual Santa Con in Midtown. It is a wonderful opportunity for a mob of people dressed as Santa to run around Little 5 giving out gifts and candy and spread some Christmas cheer. This is accompanied by our own little version of carols, and the much anticipated "santa dance".
It is easy to meet some very interesting people at Santa Con. One of which is shown above. This young lady busted out her lighted hula hoop in the middle of a crowded bar and just went to town. Now, in a dark and smoky place it was quite a sight to behold, but with a slowed exposure speed and no flash, it was magical.

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  1. Damn girl! That looks incredible! I was trying to figure out what it was. Quite beautiful. Slow shutter speeds can really do magic!!

    Love the new layout. Miss your face! <3